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Raining? So what! 6 Tips to fish in the rain at Beaverland.

With a soggy week ahead of us you need be prepared to fish in the rain. Some of the best fishing can be had right before a storm comes in, or just after. You just need to alter your tactics. Know your they say.

The following article will go over some of the best tips and tricks to land your lunker when the weather is not the best. Here is a list of 6 tips to fish in the rain at Beaverland.

  1. Planning in advance. Make sure to check the forecast before your trip. Bring all of your rain gear needed. Being soaked in the middle of the lake is great if you are swimming, but not when you are on the boat. Consider highly breathable jackets with venting options. Non-vented jackets will keep the rain out, but leave you soaked in sweat or over heat when its warm outside. Rain pants are also needed and there are good options on Having a swampy bottom is no fun and can ruin your day. Rubber boots are great, but not comfortable long term. A good hiking boot generally provides good water resistance when out in the rain. You can even get a waterproof spray for your boots.

  2. Throw your line in right before the storm. Some of the most productive fishing will happen before the storm. Low barometric pressure can increase fish feeding habits. It'll slow down during the storm and pick up after it passes when the pressure begins rising again.

  3. Using rattle baits, spinner baits and baits that contrast with the dreary weather. Rainfalls decrease visibility and makes it harder for fish to see the bait. When selecting artificial baits, consider bright colors and tackle that makes noise. Here in the Beaverland Store we have some good bait options for fishing in the rain.

  4. Find shore water runoff points during rainy weather. Fish near natural drains, bridges, inlets or spillways where the outflow will churn up bait and fish will be waiting to feed. You can also fish the windblown shoreline after the storm passes. Wind blowing into a shoreline during a storm will push bait to the shoreline or ridges creating productive feeding grounds for fish. This is a great tip that should be followed. You will catch fish.

  5. Pick up the speed. When the fish are aggressively feeding, use a quicker retrieve or try varying speeds to see what fish respond to. When fish are actively feeding they may be in shallower water near the surface. Try fishing with a topwater bait or a few feet under the surface. And mix up the retrieve speed.

  6. Knowing ideal temperature ranges for specific types of fish is also important. Baitfish will move to areas where they can maximize their metabolism and where they feel comfortable. As they are cold-blooded, they cannot regulate their body temperature. This means that they have to find their optimum temperature for sustainability. When there is no optimal temperature, their bodies adjust, increase or decrease metabolism. But they would rather optimal water temperatures. Use your fish finder to locate prime water temperatures and you'll increase your hook rate!

Just because its raining outside doesn't mean that you have to stay in your cottage. Don't let the rain ruin your motivation and fishing trip. Use some or all of these 6 tips to fish in the rain at Beaverland Camp in beautiful Marten River. And if you just don't like fishing in the rain, I guess there is always drinks and cards on the screened in porch overlooking the Marten River.

Keeps your lines tight fisherpeople!

P.S. Beaverland Camp doesn't recommend fishing during a lightning storm. After all you are in a metal boat, in the middle of a body of water, holding a lightning rod.

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Joscelyn Bedard
Joscelyn Bedard
Jun 27, 2021

Just questions you rent cottage whit boats

Jun 29, 2021
Replying to

Yes we have 20 Cottages and a fleet of rental boats

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