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About Beaverland Camp

Beaverland Camp situated on Highway 11 North, was built in 1901 as a logging village. George Hughes opened the fishing camp in 1926 and used 4 of the original log cabins from the logging village. All of our cottages range from the original log cabins right through to modern cottages.


Whether you are coming to fish, boat, canoe, or rest in the cool quiet shade, you are cordially invited to come and enjoy the entertainment that nature so abundantly supplies at Beaverland Camp. Creature comforts have been added to make your getaway as comfortable as possible, while still embracing the "come back to nature" atmosphere, which is really the essence of our whole operation.

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This is a slice of heaven! This is what's life's all about! You won't want to leave. I drove ten hours just to spend a night here.

Meet The Hosts



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Sara has been in the automotive industry most of her career. From running shops to dealerships she has done it all. Her passion for the outdoors and bringing people back to nature has always fueled her drive to own a camp...just like Beaverland.



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Mitch has an extensive automotive technician background. He maintains  Beaverland Camp's fleet of equipment, vehicles and boats. If he isn't working on a motor or upgrading a cottage, you'll find him out on the of course!

Beaverland Theme Song

I want to go back to


On Marten River shore.

Back to the days of

fishing trips,

back to the days of

jokes and jips.

I want to go back to


and stay there evermore.

Oh, I want to go back

I got to go back

to Beaverland.

Composed by, Mann and Cole - 1936

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