Beaverland Camp provides everything that the eager fisherman will need live bait, tackle, gas and oil.


We will even give you a fishing map of the known "hot spots" that are sure to provide you with the fishing memories that will keep you coming back to Beaverland Camp year after year!

Spring / Summer / Fall Fishing 


A chain of lakes, located in the beautiful unsettled Nipissing Game Preserve, offer the avid angler a wide variety of fish.


Walleye - excellent walleye fishing in our large water system of 4 lakes

Lake Trout - trophy lakers in our deep waters

Perch - Jumbo Perch, fun for the whole family

Smallmouth BassLargemouth Bass in our large water system

Northern Pike - feisty Northerns with plenty of action for the avid angler


These lakes are easily reached, starting right at your cabin door and continuing on through miles of virgin territory.


You may fish close to camp or go far afield, making your fishing trip at Camp Beaverland a most memorable one.


There is an enclosed, well lit fish cleaning station onsite.

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barry's 26 incher
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Liette's laker
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